If you’re going through an injury, you know that it can be very frustrating because it gets in the way of your running goals. When running is such a large part of your life, an escape, a mental release, and even something that helps us when times get stressful. When we lace up our shoes and walk out the door, the world becomes a little quieter. It might seem impossible to relax and stay positive when this ability is temporarily lost. However, when you lose something that means so much to you, it teaches you to value it so much more. Below are a few tips on how to cope and come back after an injury:

You might miss some races

But it’s better to miss a few races now, focus on your recovery and give your body time to repair. You could cause your body further damage if you don’t. Besides there will always be so many other races.

Take advantage of the free time

To improve your nutrition, mental fitness, catch up on sleep, read books, spend time with your family and friends, and even try something new.

Instead of focusing on the things that you cannot do, make the best of what you can do.

Just because you have an injury does not mean that your whole body is injured so it’s good to do other things such as swimming, going to the gym, work on your core and other areas that may be weak to maintain your fitness. Sitting around will only make you weak.

Stay consistent and have patience

You will see that the body has an amazing way of healing and you will begin to get your strength back.

Another important thing to remember

Is that you are not going to be as fit as your were before the injury. You can’t expect to pick up where you left off. Ease your way back, drop your pace and miles and slowly build your base up again. Don’t rush back or try to do too much too soon. Always listen to your body and follow your doctor’s or physical therapist’s advice.

Finally, being positive about your outlook on healing, recovery, and life

Is very important. We can sit around and complain or we can make the best of what we do have. The mental strength and power is within us all.